Gold Nuggets have been found in the Rheola region since the second half of the 19th centurey


Named gold nuggets include:

Viscount Canterbury was found on the 31st May and Viscountess Canterbury found on the 3rd October of 1870 (some locations list 1871 and 1869 as the year). Both were discovered in John's paddock. National Library of Australia has picture of Viscountess Canterbury and the Viscount Canterbury

Precious found on 5th January 1871. Disovered in Catto's paddock at ta depth of 12 feet. Named after 'Precious C Williams' who first owned the land the nugget was discovered on. Picture of model of the Preciouse at the Powerhouse Museum

Kum Tow (sometimes called Kum Fow and Rum Ton) discovered by Loo Ching and party 12.5 feet below the surface in Catto's paddock, April 17th  1871. Museum Victoria picture of a plaster replica

The Needful found on May 10th 1871. Discovered in Catto's paddock, 12 feet below surface. National Library of Australia picture

The Crescent found on 2nd April 1872. Discovered 2 feet below the surface. Picture of model of the Cresent nugget at the Powerhouse Museum

The McEvoy (or McEnvoy) found in 1857/1858 by Nicholas McAvoy and Walter Palmer

Unnamed Nuggets:

On November nth 1970, at Mclntyre diggings, only a few inches from the surface, weighing 452 oz 

on 12th March 1869, a nugget weighing 893 oz. was found by Patrick and James Hoare. At a depth of 20 feet on Langham Flat.

On May 8th 1872 a nugget weighing 477 oz. was got in the same locality as the Crescent, at a depth of 9 feet.

Rheola is part of the golden triangle

1894, Mr William Gunn found a 16lb gold nugget in 'Uncle Tom's Gully'. Sold on the 26th of July to the Bank of New South Wales for the price of £4 2s per ounce. Mr Gunn had been prospecting in the area for 24 years. 


Finding the Viscount Canterbury


Hand painted coloured photograph.  State Library of New South Wales 





The Argus, Saturday 16th August 1913

List the top 22 gold nuggets Victoria, with Rheola apearing 5 times

Precious, 1871

Viscount Canterbury, 1870

Viscountess Canterbury, 1870

Heron, No Date

Kum Tow 1871



Rheola 150 Gold

Unveiled on 17. 10. 2001

To mark the 150th anniversary of the first gold find in Victoria.

In this Rheola (formerly Berlin) District twenty alluvial gold

nuggets exceeding 450 ounces were unearthed.

This was one third of all the nuggets

larger then this size officially recorded in Victoria


They include:

Name Weight Year Found

The Precious

Viscount Canterbury

Viscountess Canterbury 

The McEvoy

The Kum Tow

1621 ozs 

1114 ozs

912 ozs

810 ozs

796 ozs









Historial information, facts, notes and dates for the website has come from the book "History of Rheola" complied by Ronald Leslie Carless, published by Back To Rheola Committee

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