Post Office (a sub-office of Kingower) established at Berlin, under the charge of Mr H. J. Williams. 15th Feb 1869. Salary £10

Inland Mail Service, 6 days a week by Vehicle.




1875 - Proclomation of a Village

State Library of Victoria - Victoria Government Gazette


Gazzette 86: Friday, November 26th 1875. Page 2214




By His Excellency the Honourable Sir William Foster Stawell, Knight, The Chief Justice of the Colony of Victoria, and the Administrator of the Government of said Colony, &c., &c., &c.

Whereas by The Land Act 1869, it was amongst other things enacted that the Governor might from time to time by a notice in the Government Gazette proclaim as a street or road or as a town or village any portion or portions of Crown lands, and the lands in such town or village should be sold by auction in the manner therein provided for the sale of Crown lands by public auction, and the lands upon which such street or road should have been proclaimed should be deemed to be thenceforward dedicated to the public: Now therefore I, the Administrator of the Government of Victoria, with the advice of the Executive Council, do by this notice proclaim as villages the portion of Crown lands hereinafter respectively described, viz.:-

Village of Rheola (formerly known as “Berlin”). – County of Gladstone, parishes of Kangderaar and Kingower; Commencing at a point bearing south one chain from south-west of allotment 17 of section 2, parish of Kangderaar; bounded thence by a road bearing east to the Kangderaar Creek; thence by that creek downwards to the south-eastern side of the road from Dunolly to Kingower; thence by that road and a line bearing N.45degE. to allotment 1 of section 2, parish of Kingower; thence by that allotment bearing S.5deg7’W. to the south-western angle thereof; thence by a line bearing south to allotment 5; thence by that allotment and a line bearing west to a point bearing south from the point of commencement; and thence by a ling bearing north to the point of commencement – (K.1.) (75.U.26929.)

Given under my Hand and the Seal of the Colony, at Melbourne, this twenty second day of November, in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventy-five, and in the thirty-ninth year of Her Majesty’s reign.  William F. Stawell

By His Excellency’s Command.

D. Gillies,

Commissioner of the Crown Lands and Survey, and President of the Board of Land and Works.

God Save the Queen!


Announcement of Village of Cohuna and Village of Kyabram were also proclaimed, on this date, within this Victoria Government Gazette


1911 - April - Bendigo Advertiser Newspaper Article

LARGEST APPLE - The largest apple ever known, which was grown by Mr. W. Poynton, at Rheola, near Inglewood, is on view at Mr. C. Baggaley's shop in Mitchell street. The apple weighs 31oz., and measures 18½in. in circumference. It is intended to send it to Melbourne to permit of the Department of Agriculture make a model of it.


Apple type: Monroe’s Favourite

C. A. Baggaley Fruiterer and Confectioner, Bath Corner Mitchell Street, Bendigo


PRODIGIOUS QUINCE. - http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/89841335

Apple - http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/152368558

RHEOLA DISTRICT; ITS POSSIBLE AS A FRUIT GROWING AND WINE DISTRICT - http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/89848782





1912 - Rheola Hospital Sports

Trove - National Library of Australia

The Bendigo Advertiser – Wednesday 10th April 1912



Inglewood, 9th April 1912.

The annual races and sports in aid of the Inglewood and Dunolly hospitals were held at Rheola yesterday. Notwithstanding the uncertainty 0f the weather conditions in the early morning the attendance was good but it did not come up to the record gathering of last year. The various officials attended to their respective duties in a thoroughly efficient manner, the result being that, everything passed off satisfactorily. Results: —

Boys’ Race — J. Dowling, 1 . K. Watts, 2.

Girls' Race — A. Fawcett and Dora Hargreaves tied for first place.

Handicap Trial Slakes, half a mile.—G.Leech's Larry. 1; Quintrell's Myrtle, 2; Brownbill's Little Jim, 3.

Rheola Handicap Wheel Race, two miles— P Dewhurst, 240 yds., 1; Woodfield, 200yds., 2.

Maiden Trot, one mile and a half.—T.Stevenson's Mona, 1; M. Hayes's King, 2;W. Simons's Melba, 3.

Sheffield Handicap, 130 yards.—B. Parker, 14 yds., 1; Jenkins, 15 yds., 2; Mar-shall. 16 yds.. 3.

Handicap Horse Race.—Leech's Larry,12.0, 1 : Brownbill's Royalty, 8.7, 2. Quintiell's Myrtle also started, but bolted off the course, and threw her rider, W. Moore, who, however, escaped with a severe slaking.

Handicap Foot Race, 220 yards.—D.Donaldson, 23 yds . 1: Marshall, 26 yds,.2: Marchesi, 24 yds.. 3.

Time Handicap Trot, two miles.—W.Stevenson's Kitty, scr., 1: T Stevenson's Mona. 10 sec. bhd., 2; M. Hayes's King, 5sec. bhd., 3.

Sheaf throwing.—L. Collins, 1; O'Neill, 2

Throwing Weight. — O'Neill, Wehla,13ft. 8in., 1; G. Brett, 13ft. 6iu., 2.



1947 - First trees were planted for the Soldiers' Memorial Plantation oppisite the School

 2014 rheola memorial cairn



2013 - Around Rheola

Picture of Rheola Hall and Memorial Gate

phoca thumb l rheola hall 01


2015 - 145th Rheola Charity Carnival




2015 November - 

Rheola Rural Fire Brigade, 75th Anniversary and the arrival of the newest Fire Truck.

phoca thumb l 2015-11 rheolas new fire truck

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