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Taylors Rd, Rheola
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Kooyoora Park Retreat / Camp Kooyoora

792 Brenanah-Kurting Road
Kingower VIC 3517



The Fossickers Drive

Loddon Shire - Fossickers Drive

Victoria for Everyone - Fossickers Drive/


A drive around the area, which were all involved in the Goldfields

Towns and Districts


Small district located to the west of Rheola.


Small district to the south of Rheola.




Welcome Stranger Gold Nugget

Mt Moliagul

Located South of Rheola, and just North of the township of Moliagul

At an altitude of about 523m above sea level the summit gives wonderful views of the surounding areas.

Mt Moliagul Cherry Gardens

Cherry Orchards at Mt Moliagul.

Planted by Chinese diggers over a century ago and still supplying cherries.

Kooyoora State Park

Established in 1985

Located just north of Rheola

Location of Melvilles Caves


Fossickers Drive

A drive around the area which all were involved in the Goldfields

Kangderaar Vineyard

Established in 1980. Owned by James and Christine Nealy

288 Wehla-Kingower Rd, Rheola VIC 3517, Australia


Blanche Barkly Wines

Located on the site where the "Blanche Barkly" gold nugget was discovered in August 1857. The winery was re-established by the Reimers family in 1972.

14 Kingower-Brenanah Road, Kingower Vic 3517


Glenalbyn Winery

Glenalbyn was selected as a Pastoral Lease and purchased in 1853 by Rev. William Hall, M.A., the great-great grandfather of the present generation.

84 Halls Road, Kingower VIC 3517


Newbridge Wines

A small boutique vineyard located on the banks of the Loddon River. Vines first planted in 1996.

Newbridge VIC 3551


Water Wheel Vineyard

Raywood Road, Bridgewater on Loddon VIC 3516

Mount Moliagul Wines


Passing Clouds

Passing Clouds Winery has orchards in Rheola and Kingower.

30 Roddas Lane, Musk, Victoria 3461

Melville Caves and Mount Kooyoora are located in the Kooyoora State Park

phoca thumb m 2014 kooyoora park

Entrance sign to Kooyoora State Park leading to Mount Kooyoora and Melville Caves (2014)


~Add info on Melville Caves~

~Add info on Mount Kooyoora~

~Add info on Kooyoora State Park~

Associated with the Jaara Jarra people

First Europeans: party of Thomas Mitchell during his Australia Felix expedition of 1836

Located to the north of Rheola.

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Kooyoora State Park offers opportunities for sightseeing, bushwalking, rock-climbing, picnicking, nature studies, camping, abseiling, cycling, prospecting (permit required) birdwatching, orienteering, horseriding

Visitors have access to picnic tables, shelter, toilets and drinking water. There are several sign posted walks, including sightseeing lookouts, starting at the picnic ground, ranging from one to three hours. There are two camp grounds in the park.

The large granite boulders and granite outcrops help form the unique landscape.

Size: 11 646 ha (28,777 acres)
Proclaimed a State Park in 1985.
Extended in October 2002 to enhance Victoria’s Box‐Ironbark forests and woodlands.

Contains the remains of “White Swan Quartz Mine” which was worked in the 1920s, 30’s and during World War II producing industrial and ornamental quartz.

phoca thumb l 2013 views

Views South from Melvile Caves (2013)

Melville Caves – was listed on the Register of the National Estate as a geological monument

Mount Kooyoora is at an altitude of about 475m above sea level

For More Info:
Parks Victoria Website
Includes Map



phoca thumb l 2013 direction 


Captain Melville    ~Needs Expanding~

Francis Melville (1822-1857), bushranger, was born Francis McNeiss McNiel McCallum in Inverness, Scotland.

Transported from Scotland to Van Diemen's Land at the age of 15. He was sentenced to seven years' transportation for housebreaking.

He spent more than 10 years at Port Arthur.

In 1851 he made his way to Victoria to take advantage of the goldrush

Claimed leadership, in 1852, of the Mount Macedon gang that waylaid travellers in the Black Forest.

Believed it is after this that he may have used Melville Caves as a hide/look out.

Was captured in Geelong in December 1852

August 1857, Melville was found dead in his cell, strangled. Whether by his own hand or that of someone else has never been determined.



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