Kangderaar Vineyard

Established in 1980. Owned by James and Christine Nealy

288 Wehla-Kingower Rd, Rheola VIC 3517, Australia


Blanche Barkly Wines

Located on the site where the "Blanche Barkly" gold nugget was discovered in August 1857. The winery was re-established by the Reimers family in 1972.


14 Kingower-Brenanah Road, Kingower Vic 3517


Glenalbyn Winery

Glenalbyn was selected as a Pastoral Lease and purchased in 1853 by Rev. William Hall, M.A., the great-great grandfather of the present generation.

84 Halls Road, Kingower VIC 3517


Newbridge Wines

A small boutique vineyard located on the banks of the Loddon River. Vines first planted in 1996.


Newbridge VIC 3551


Water Wheel Vineyard


Raywood Road, Bridgewater on Loddon VIC 3516

Mount Moliagul Wines


Passing Clouds


Passing Clouds Winery has orchards in Rheola and Kingower.

30 Roddas Lane, Musk, Victoria 3461

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